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Singles Fest by Meliá Cuba

Singles Fest by Meliá Cuba
  • A partir de: 2022-07-24      Até: 2022-07-31
  • Lugar: Sol Varadero Beach

Singles committed to fun!
From July 24 to 31 on the famous beach of Varadero, sign up for an experience full of sand, sea and loads of laughs: Singles Fest by Meliá Cuba. Meet other singles from all over the world and let the Cuban sun help break the ice for you. Having fun is the most important thing!


- Estadia mínima: 6 diárias
- Somente para adultos com mais de 16 anos

• Personalised check-in and welcome cocktail
• Presentation of the activities programme
• Dinner at the Creole restaurant with live Cuban music
• Latin Caribbean Party in the gardens with games
• Meet-up at the beach bar after breakfast
• Seaside festival
• Lunch at the Ranchón Cubano
• Start of beach volleyball tournament
• Sunset experience with saxophone music and chill-out ambience.
• Dinner in a private buffet area with the entertainment team
• White beach party
• Excursion to Havana ($)
• Return to the hotel the same day
• Welcome canchánchara cocktail
• Buffet dinner
• Beach activities
• Cuban day with live music, classic cars, cocktail classes, artisan exhibition, salsa classes and rum tasting
• Sports afternoon
• Games at the Varadero Café with live Cuban music
• Buffet dinner
• Excursion to Cayo Blanco ($)
-Swim with dolphins
-Snorkelling over the coral reef
-Lunch and a swim on a pristine island beach
• Welcome at the hotel after the excursion
• Private “First Dates” dinner in a specialist restaurant
• Live show after dinner
• Eco-fun and hidden treasure game by the seaside
• Olympics on the beach
• Lunch in the beach bar
• Awards ceremony and start of the secret friend game.
• Dinner at Varadero Café with a concert and party
• Yoga al amanecer en la playa
• Desayuno en restaurante Criollo
• Juegos sorpresa y Acuaeróbics en piscina a ritmo de saxo
• Entrega de regalos de amigos secretos
• Almuerzo en buffet
• Fiesta en piscina con sorpresas
• Tarde en la playa con sunset experience
• Cena de despedida en restaurante especializado
• Time to say goodbye